Tending the Sacred Fire by Tom Mangan

Tending the Sacred Fire by Tom Mangan

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The Heart is the Hearth where the Holy Spirit chooses to make his Home. The reflections in this book tell the story of how the Holy Spirit came to dwell in one man, Tom Mangan, and breathe life into his life. They also serve as an encouraging guide for others to develop a vibrant relationship with the Trinity through the spiritual discipline of prayer.

Praise for Tending the Sacred Fire

I felt like Tom was inviting me into a private reception with him and the Lord. I was privileged to be able to be privy to his thoughts, feelings, insights and experiences. -Dr. James DiCostanzo, Vice President of PNC Bank

I know why Tom wrote this book; he really had something to say. The point of his book is that we must pray. -Mr. Ward Garner, Associate of Bill Few & Associates

I enjoyed his good book and the humility that he displays. It was the “real Tom Mangan!” -Rev. Charles Simpson, Evangelical Pastor, Author, Speaker and Teacher

I accepted the task of editing Tom Mangan’s book, Tending the Sacred Firewhich is semi-autobiographical and tells of the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. Working on this book has touched me deeply. -Kathé Kress, Retired editor

I’ve been reading Tom’s lovely book. I love how He integrated it with literature, but mostly it reveals his soul. Very profound! It could be subtitled “Story of a Soul.” -Marybeth Greene, Lamp Ministries

As I read Tending the Sacred Fire I found myself constantly saying, “That’s right!” or “It couldn’t have been said any better.” -Dr. Hank Freedy, Pharmacist of Mercy Hospital

When I started to read Tending the Sacred Fire, I couldn’t put it down! -Dr. John Moraca, OBYGN of Sewickley Hospital

I’ve been reading this book aloud, but after a while I had to stop because I couldn’t read through the tears. -Pam Seale

Tending the Sacred Fire is an inspiring book and a great testimony to Tom’s faithfulness and the depth of his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The profound sharing of his experiences touched me deeply. -Rev. John Sweeney, Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for writing this book. It was truly awe inspiring and came when I most needed it. After the death of my husband, Tending the Sacred Fire helped me get my life back on track. -Mary Ann Connors, Treasure Island, Florida

One of my favorite English teachers imprinted on my mind the idea of “seeking to show, not tell” in your writing. Tom Mangan has done that so beautifully. -Angela Gross, Professional Photographer

Tending the Sacred Fire has a lot of wisdom and truth in it. It inspired me to ask the Holy Spirit to work more readily in my Life. -Fran Fulkerson, Homemaker

I started to read Tending the Sacred Fire and couldn’t put it down. Mr. Mangan’s style flows and I was captivated by the humor and the literary allusions. The entry entitled, “The Man Who Was Thirsty “was absolutely brilliant! -Rev. John Rea, Catholic priest of New Zealand

I had to call my friend, Flo, Tom Mangan’s sister-in-law, to tell her I just finished reading his book this morning and you must tell him how much it lifted me up! I used to be a Catholic and this was written with so much heart I really enjoyed it. Please tell him I really appreciate the effort it took to write it. -A retired teacher from Houston, TX

I have been reading Tending the Sacred Fire during my personal prayer and reflection time. It has been a great inspiration and encouragement to me. Michelle Moran, President Emeritus of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service Committee.

Tom Mangan is an inspiration to many and his book will help many to engage in keeping the Flame of the Holy Spirit alive. -Jane Guenther, M. Div.

My wife and I are using Tending the Sacred Fire as a daily prayer devotional. -Rt. Rev. Douglas and Eleanor Weiss, Anglican Church

Tom has a unique ability to present difficult concepts in a way that touches the heart of his readers. He succeeds in this because he is speaking from the depths of his own heart. Thus, he becomes very real to his readers. -David Mangan