Twelve Stripes Deep by Mary Bruno

Twelve Stripes Deep by Mary Bruno

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This is not your typical infertility journey. It is a love story painted by three dramatic characters - God, suffering, and the surprising joy that comes from leaning into both of them. After about 20 years of physical pain and 7 years of infertility, Mary's worst fears came true - her doctor recommended a hysterectomy. She began writing a blog series to describe her trek which, despite the suffering it brought, has delivered her most incredible joys. It begged her for more detail and gave birth to a memoir.

As a Catholic, the implications of infertility are especially troubling when you consider how the call to "be fruitful" is often interpreted. But as Pope St. John Paul II describes in Mulieris Dignitatem, "...The motherhood of every not only 'of flesh and blood': it expresses a profound 'listening to the word of the living God' and a readiness to 'safeguard' this Word...(cf. Jn 6:68)." God calls all women to be mothers and to express our originality into the world through our unique talents and the gift of spiritual motherhood. This is a profoundly healing message for women with and without children.

In this book, Mary uses her personal experience of suffering through physical pain and infertility to explore authentic women's healthcare & communicate a greater reality of the incredible joy and purpose God desires for each person, despite - and even because of - the hardships of life.

This book will:

-Help you to discover the meaning of your suffering

-Help you to find your purpose(s)

-Illuminate the true meaning of fruitfulness and motherhood

-Educate about authentic women's healthcare

-Explore the many facets of birth control, ART & adoption

-Give you a different way to look at infertility

-Help to uncover the face of Jesus

About the Author
Mary Bruno is an author, speaker, Creighton Practitioner, co-founder and executive director of the non-profit FAbM Base, founder of @WhiteLotusBlooming, and self-proclaimed rapper who loves playing sports and eating chocolate. She grew up right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana and presently lives in Mandeville with her favorite guy, her husband Chris, and princess-loving daughter. Mary is passionate about her faith and authentic women's healthcare, and expresses her deep pain, unexpected joy, and knowledge with a refreshing honesty. Her writing will move you and make you laugh. In her spare time, you can find her watching a good movie or riding the golf cart and searching for fireflies with her husband, daughter, and goldendoodle shadow, Jax.

Learn more at and follow her @whitelotusblooming and @fabmbase.